3D Reconstructions

Bestel3D.nl is selling licenses for ready-made elevation data. In addition, we also reconstruct buidings based on raw height data (point clouds) such as the generic Dutch Elevation dataset (AHN). We recently received the IPC innovation prize for the project described below.

Modern data sets (point clouds recorded with help of laser altimetry techniques; i.e. AHN) feature a resolution of 8 – 20 points per square meter. 3D-reconstructions may help to retrieve detailed (rooftop) shapes, but may also retrieve simple building block representations. The image below shows a point cloud and a building geometry.

Height data and buildings

In practical terms, reconstructing buildings is not simple since height data can cover both vegetation and buildings. A distinction must be made between the two. This can be done with filtering techniques and by determining flat areas with help of segmentation techniques. In many cases, we start with available floor plans. The various objects are then split into cells.

Buildings and Cell-Decomposition

The reconstruction of buildings is not always perfect and extra modifications are often required afterwards.

True building and 3D Reconstruction

3D reconstructions of buildings in Google Earth:

GoogleEarth en 3D Reconstructies

Note: Aerial image in Google Earth: (c) Aerodata.

This project has been carried out with help of an IPC-grant. Read more about 3D Reconstructions (from Laser Altimetry Data) - in Dutch.