Open Data

Open Data is a frequently used word-combination. Open Data is basically "freely available information". At,we focus on Open Geographic data such as background maps, building layouts, elevation data and zip code files. The terms and conditions for using Open Data are always described in the Licence Agreement that accompanies the data. There are different kinds of licenses.

The Open Data community is attempting to minimise the limitations while using Open Data. In addition, the community is striving towards:

  • Completeness
  • Delivery of source data (no aggregated data)
  • Accessibility (no financial barriers)
  • Non-discriminatory use: no pre- registration
  • Open standards: no proprietary formats
  • Open licences: no confidentiallity

Various governments have opened up dedicated registers that point to open data sets. E.g. Nationaal Georegister in The Netherlands. has significant experience with the use of Open Data and can provide advice.