Digital Surface Model (DSM-NL) offers the Digital Surface Model (DSM-NL) in addition to the Digital Terrain Model (DTM-NL). DSM-NL is a country-wide grid file set with heights and frequencies of objects. The objects are categorized as following: buildings, greenhouses, industry, vegetation and water. DSM-NL is available in a 20 m grid resolution and can be superimposed on top of DTM-NL. DSM-NL is often referred to as "Clutter" file.

The pure height of the buildings and the vegetation are present. Heights are defined with respect to mean sea level (NAP) and the surrounding soil. A special version of the Clutter file is created, called Vector-NL data set. In Vector-NL all objects are incorporated as polygons and points (not grids).

DSM-NL is part of the "NL-data set" (consisting of DTM-NL, object heights DSM-NL, object vector files including height attributes, called Vector-NL, and DKLN aerial imagery).

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