3D Data, Imagery and Software

Suppose that you want to make a mock-up of a city or a video or 3D visualisation of a village. Maybe you want to start a 3D print job or perform a spatial analysis. Good to know that is delivering height data of buildings, vegetation and terrain models. We also provide aerial imagery and satellite data.

Latest News: New 2017 Aerial Imagery.

Our data and software can be found at clients such as: municipalities, engineering firms, mock-up makers and 3D print companies. Small orders for height data are being processed within a few minutes via our 3D Data Ordering Website. Orders covering more than 13 km2 are handled based on a quotation. is also delivering aerial images. More information in our news section, project example section and in the applications section.

3D Printing

Print a 3D mock-ups

Virtual Mock-ups

Make virtual (web) mock-ups


Analyses (e.g. sound studies)

Screenshot game engine

3D Data Visualizations (Video)

Screenshot Google Earth 3D data

3D Data and Google Earth

Aerial Imagery

Recent Aerial Imagery of The Nederland

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3D Reconstructions from AHN2 data