Vector data including height attributes offers the Vector-NL data set in addition to the DSM-NL grid data. Vector-NL shows all all objects as polygons and point (not as grid data) based on 2014 aerial imagery. By default, the data is delivered in the SHAPE format but other formats are possible as well. The pure heights of the buildings and the vegetation are present. Heights are defined with respect to mean sea level (NAP) and the surrounding soil.

The minimum covered area is 4m². The absolute mean accuracy is defined as 75 cm. Vector-NL has successfully been applied for modeling flood risks, noise and other environmental issues.

The following features are present as polygons or points:

  • Buildings and houses
  • Industry
  • Vegetation
  • Water
  • Greenhouses

Vector-NL is part of the "NL-data set" (consisting of DTM-NL, object heights DSM-NL, Vector-NL and DKLN aerial imagery).

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