Digital Terrain Model (DTM-NL)

Holland is flat but there are small elevation variations. These variations are important for Telecommunicaton companies, Engineering firms and Agencies planning on land use.

Our focus is on:

  • terrain (soil) and water
  • elevation of the terrain
  • buildings and vegetation
  • functions (offices and houses, greenhouses, industry ..)
  • heights of the buildings and the vegetation offers the Digital Terrain Model (DTM-NL) with terrain elevation values based on 2008 stereo aerial imagery. DTM-NL is a country-wide grid data set and describes the elevation with a grid resolution of 20 m. There are also unique break line files (in the SHAPE format) that present the soil elevation in terms of line segments.

The pure height of the terrain is given with respect to mean sea level without houses, trees and bridges. Dykes, street sides and canal sides are however modeled.

DTM-NL is part of the "NL-data set" (consisting of DTM-NL, object heights DSM-NL, object vector files including height attributes, called Vector-NL, and DKLN aerial imagery).

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