Company profile provides professional products and services in the Geographic Information System area. We focus primarilly on 3D height data, aerial images and related products and services such as addresses. Data is being prepared and delivered from our office in Delft.

The growth and success of our company is clearly demonstrated by the fact that 75% of our revenues originate from repeat-business. Our staff members possess a wide range of relevant skills (geographic formats, standards, applications, web services and software implementations), gained from projects within the company and personal experience with previous employers.

We have adopted a careful approach towards deliverables in which automation plays a pre-dominant role. Through our smart systems we are able to quickly deliver products, like height data and aerial images. These products can be used for a wide range of applications:

  • Noise modeling
  • Sunlight and shadow analyses
  • Vegetation studies
  • 3D printing of mock-ups
  • Fysical creation of mock-ups
  • Web visualisations of 3D cities
  • Windtunnel research

New applications are being invented on a regular basis.

Read the Latest News section with information about actual projects.